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Galvanized float pan
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Galvanized float pan

The cement trowel disc is the plate that allows you to level and remove the signs of the rough edges from the surface of industrial concrete floors and to facilitate their flatness. The trowel operation with disc is performed when the laid concrete is starting to set or when setting is already in an advanced stage to the point of being able to walk on the casting without sinking more than one centimetre; the roughing operation also allows the first coats of Pavilux quartz armor to be incorporated into the concrete. The plates are the first accessories of the helicopter which are used in the operations of smoothing the concrete; when used alone, they allow the creation of highly non-slip porous and open finishes for exteriors.
The roughing discs are made with high quality galvanized steel, in order to ensure abrasiveness and long working life. Each roughing plate is equipped with 4 brackets with "Z" safety hooks and hooks onto the finishing paddles or combination paddles of the trowel machine and is dragged by them.
The galvanized discs for industrial floor helicopters are available in diameters of 60, 75 or 90 cm and can be used with single or double smoothing machines (in the version with non-crossed blades).

Code Size Features
D400001 Ø = 60 cm 2 mm - 5,2 kg
D400002 Ø = 75 cm 2 mm - 7,8 kg
D400003 Ø = 90 cm Galvanized
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