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Plamflex flexible formwork
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Plamflex flexible formwork

Plamflex Isoplam® is a flexible formwork in white plastic that allows you to create containment formwork for concrete casting and cement mixes. The foldable building formwork in polyethylene (thermoplastic + thermosetting resins) allows you to easily create a profile with straight lines, curves and angles for formwork of flooring screeds, foundations, slabs and edges in general.
The rigoni are flexible and allow the creation of curved formwork up to a radius of 1 m; they can be cut to create corner formwork; quickly return to shape after being bent; they speed up the formwork operations as they do not require the application of release agent; they are reusable; they are robust; they are practical to handle as they are particularly light; they can be used in combination with other Plamflex rigoni to create long formworks; they can be superimposed on other Plamflex rigoni to create higher formworks; they can be easily transported by folding them into a drop.
The special D270001 Isoplam hooks allow a comfortable and safe fixing of the staff to the pegs.

Code Size
D260001 h = 100 mm x l 5 mt
D270001 Plam Flexstop
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