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Flex polishing disc for sander
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Flex polishing disc Ø12.5 cm for sander

The diamond tools with a diameter of 125 mm / 5", are the essential accessories for polishing surfaces in marble, granite, Venetian terrazzo, micro Venetian Terrazzoverlay Isoplam, maxi Venetian Terrazzoverlay XL Isoplam, palladiana, terrazzo, concrete and natural stone. They are resinoid discs made of diamond powder in resistant resin. The 4 mm thick flexible resinoid diamond disc is available in various colors that identify various types of grit, from 30 to 3500. Each diamond disc is equipped with a practical rear felt that guarantees optimal adhesion to the support's Velcro pad.

Code Color Features
D515004 Military green 30 gr
D515005 Green 60 gr
D515006 Black 120 gr
D515007 Red 220 gr
D515008 Yellow 400 gr
D515009 White 800 gr
D515010 Blue 1500 gr
D515011 Gray 3500 gr
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