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Faq Microverlay®
  1. Is Microverlay® micro-cement a resin?
    Microverlay® is a natural cement base coating highly resistant, it’s a design innovative surface of extremely reduced thickness, only 3millimeters, and of extraordinary aesthetic result. 
  2. Is Microverlay® suitable for floors and walls?
    Microverlay® may be applied on horizontal and vertical surfaces, even as a design upholstering of elements.
  3. May it be applied directly over tiles?
    Si, Yes, the Microverlay® may be applied over old or new tiles which are well anchored to the surface, there is no need to remove the tiles, this way you obtain a perfect monolithic surface, free of joints and gaps.
  4. May I apply it to external surfaces?
    Yes, and only after a careful evaluation by one of our technician.
  5. If objects are dropped on the Microverlay®?
    Microverlay® has a high resistance to object impacts and walking, it has a higher resistance then parquet flooring.
  6. If oil falls on the Microverlay®?
    Microverlay® is water and oil resistant.
  7. May I apply it directly over a concrete and sand slab with a heating system?
    Microverlay® has a lambda value of the thermal conductivity coefficient of ʎ = 0.46 which indicates a high ability to transmit energy in the form of heat, so we can conclude that it is suitable for floors with radiant system.
  8. May I apply Microverlay® in the presence of moister diffusion?
    Yes, but only after the proper preparation of the surface by a qualified Isoplam® applicator.
  9. To whom may I forward a request for a quotation?
    You may access the following link; http://www.isoplam.co.uk/en-UK/contact-us.php and file in the fields, on the information request page, then you will be contacted by one of our qualified technicians.
  10. Which type of maintenance is required for the Microverlay®
    The Microverlay® doesn’t require particular maintenance, it is very simple to maintain in time. Cleaning is done with PH neutral non-foaming cleaning products and a damp cloth.
  11. How may I become an Isoplam® authorized applicator?
    Isoplam® organizes Concreativity Workshops on a monthly bases, for applicators and to who would like to increase their knowledge on innovative products and on new application techniques of Isoplam. For further details on courses fill out the form on the following page: http://www.isoplam.co.uk/en-UK/contact-us.php

  12. Can I attend your Concreativity Workshops?
    For those who want to deepen their knowledge on innovative products and installation techniques, Isoplam® dedicating specific monthly Concreativity Workshops for installers and professionals.

  13. How may I exhibit your products in my showroom?
    Isoplam® has a staff of highly qualified technicians, designers and a marketing office, capable to guide you through the selection of products to expose in your showroom.

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