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ItalianTerrazzo® is the Isoplam® solution to make exposed aggregate paving style architectural flooring.

ItalianTerrazzo Render
  1. The screed, if rough, must be scarified and washed.
  2. Wet abundantly the surface the day before the laying of the engaging primers CEMENT PRIMER.
  3. Drafting of the exposed aggregate paving (DECO GHIAINO, CEMENT, AGGREGATE) in thicknesses from 2 to 5 cm.
  4. Forming and smoothing of the surface.
  5. Application of the ISO DEACTIVATOR ISOPLAM®.
  6. Surface washing with a pressure washer within 12-24 hours.
  7. Application of the protective resin PLAM SEALING or PLAM SEALING/L after a few days.


This is a surface with great esthetic results that today has becomes incredibly simple and fast to install.

Isoplam® exposed aggregate paving is an ecological product that is obtained mixing concrete, fine marble chip, river pebbles or natural stone and a special fiber-reinforced, colored mix with additives.

Thanks to the special ready-to-use Isoplam® formulation,  exposed aggregate paving is a practical and durable solution, ideal to make elegant external surfaces of great effect and at a reasonable cost. The ease of installation allows making  exposed aggregate paving at a more affordable price. In addition, a thickness of only 3 centimeters is required. You may make exposed aggregate paving even on already existing surfaces with the “fresh on hard” technique. It is also possible to apply the Isoplam® exposed aggregate paving directly on the concrete with the “fresh on fresh” technique.

Thanks to the polishing of the exposed aggregate paving surface, an effect can be obtained virtually identical to “Venetian terrazzo” flooring, creating a fine floor for interiors with extremely low times and costs.

Fields of application of  exposed aggregate paving
Exposed aggregate paving is used to decorate squares, sidewalks or walkways, public sites, lanes, porticoes and historic centers.


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