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Deco Mortar Epox BI Tixo or Fluid
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Epoxy mortar for concrete

DDeco Mortar Epox BI Tixo Isoplam® is a two-component epoxy mortar used to repair concrete, stones, bricks both horizontally and vertically even at high thicknesses. It is resistant to chemical attacks and has good mechanical resistance to wear and the passage of industrial vehicles and heavy vehicles. The epoxy mortar repairs crumbling joints, industrial floors and allows the creation of joist joints on concrete floors that have deteriorated due to surface expansion and warping, degradation and wear.

Deco Mortar Epox BI Fluid Isoplam® is also available, the fluid epoxy mortar suitable for the rapid restoration of cracked joints and concrete floors in general.

Code Pack Features
D14000050 A+B = 5 kg Fluid mortar for restorations
D14000101 A+B = 10 Kg Fluid mortar for restorations
D14000100 A+B = 10 Kg Thixotropic mortar for repairs
D14000250 A+B = 25 Kg Thixotropic mortar for repairs
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