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Plam Acid
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Coloring acids for concrete

Isoplam acids are ready for use dyes, penetrant, reactive which chemically unite to cured concrete and they develop a chemical reaction which produces salt crystals that fills the micro-pores of the concrete slab, permanently coloring the surface. The Isoplam acids do not contain hydrochloric  acid and they can be shipped as none hazardous material. Plam Acid Isoplam is available in many colors and it is ideal to color external covers, internal concrete floors, Microverlay, stamped concrete,stamped wall and artificial rocks.

Code Pack Color
K020002 4 pack 250 ml + 2 Kg neutralizing
D030010001000 1 Lt Acqua marina
D030010005000 5 Lt  Acqua marina
D030025001000 1 Lt Ambra
D030025005000 5 Lt  Ambra
D030095001000 1 Lt Bronzo
D030095005000 5 Lt  Bronzo
D030190001000 1 Lt Granato verde
D030190005000 5 Lt  Granato verde
D030205001000 1 Lt Grigio
D030205005000 5 Lt  Grigio
D030260001000 1 Lt Marrone
D030260005000 5 Lt  Marrone
D030275001000 1 Lt Nero
D030275005000 5 Lt  Nero
D030370001000 1 Lt Sabbia
D030370005000 5 Lt  Sabbia
D030445001000 1 Lt Topazio
D030445005000 5 Lt  Topazio
D030465001000 1 Lt Turchese
D030465005000 5 Lt  Turchese
D030300001000 * 1 Lt  Oliva *
D030300005000 * 5 Lt  Oliva *

Samples made with hardener Deco Nuvolato Light Gray and Deco Nuvolato Medium Gray

* available until stocks are exhausted
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