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Plam Color
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Liquid dye concentrate for Microverlay

Plam Color Isoplam is a concentrate dye made by UV resistant pigments to color the Microverlay Isoplam; thanks to its dispersant action it is capable to give a uniform color to the mix. Plam Color is available in 25 different colors. The intensity and the color tone varies on the quantity of Plam Color added to the mix.

Code Pack Color
D090480000750 0,75 Lt Cotton
D090450000750 0,75 Lt Turtledove
D090395000750 0,75 Lt Taupe
D090410000750 0,75 Lt Gray
D090120000750 0,75 Lt Dark gray
D090080000750 0,75 Lt Carbon black
D090050000750 0,75 Lt Old White
D090065000750 0,75 Lt Sahara
D090115000750 0,75 Lt Nocciola
D090130000750 0,75 Lt Autumn brown
D090235000750 0,75 Lt Avorio
D090400000750 0,75 Lt Blue Caribbean
D090255000750 0,75 Lt Blue water
D090085000750 0,75 Lt Light blue
D090010000750 0,75 Lt Seafoam green
D090315000750 0,75 Lt Smokey blue
D090455000750 0,75 Lt Ocean Blue
D090100000750 0,75 Lt Marrone
D090420000750 0,75 Lt Clay
D090240000750 0,75 Lt Mauve
D090305000750 0,75 Lt Oliva
D090350000750 0,75 Lt Pink
D090340000750 0,75 Lt Rosso
D090435000750 0,75 Lt Tile Red
D090485000750 0,75 Lt Yellowsun
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