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Thu Nov 16, 2023

Between history and contemporaneity: Terrazzoverlay XL by Isoplam for Villa Le Rose

In a period villa overlooking Lake Como, the Terrazzoverlay Venetian flooring by Isoplam, chosen in the spectacular XL version, embellishes the interiors of a luxury apartment, creating sophisticated atmospheres that do not give up comfort and performance.

A lush garden with private mooring for boats for exclusive use and all the beauty of Lake Como: these are the elements that make Villa Le Rose a magical place. The residence, famous for having hosted figures who have written history, including the statesman Winston Churchill, is today divided into various residential units, all subject to very strict landscape constraints precisely to protect the privileged view they enjoy.

In one of these portions, a renovation was recently completed, dictated by the desire to make the interiors more suitable for contemporary living uses. In complete respect of the historicity of the building, a modern luxury apartment has been created on two levels and characterized by double-height glass openings that allow you to benefit from the surrounding panorama.

The ground floor, reserved for the living area, is structured into different functional areas which, although they are located in an open space environment, maintain their individuality well defined. The entrance is separated from the living room by a floor-to-ceiling bookcase, while the kitchen is introduced by a large marble island which hosts both the operational functions (stove and sink) and the convivial ones (dining table).

To facilitate the integration of the renovated rooms with the pre-existing architectural elements, the client chose to cover the floor with Terrazzoverlay XL by Isoplam, a new variation of the Venetian terrace characterized by larger grit compared to the traditional variant. The juxtaposition of the different fragments recreates an artistic mosaic of rare beauty and elegance, characterized by more evident color contrasts and a dynamic texture rich in details.

The particularly thin thickness - just 3 cm - made it possible to cover every room in the living area and create a continuous space, without joints or joints. To harmonize the surface with the predominant colors chosen for the interiors - with warm shades and materials - Isoplam created a cement base in the Duna color to which two different types of grit were mixed: a cross-section of white Verona marble (16 -22 mm in size), which enhances the bright atmosphere of the home, and a cross-section of black Ebano marble (9-12 mm) for an elegant fret that delimits - in contrast - the spaces.

Project tab

Realization: renovation of two-level apartment at Villa Le Rose

Year of completion of works: 2023

Location: Moltrasio, Como

Surface: 70 m2

Internal floors: Isoplam, Terrazzoverlay XL

Photo copyright: Isoplam

Terrazzoverlay XL: the beauty of uniqueness

Made with a mixture of Italian marble and cement powder, Terrazzoverlay by Isoplam reinterprets the Venetian terrace in just 2-5 cm of thickness and creates a continuous covering with a high aesthetic impact. The XL version, in particular, is characterized by the use of a coarser grit than the traditional variant, perfect for creating brighter color contrasts and making the surfaces even more precious.

The possibility of personalizing the composition with different materials, colours, degrees of roughness and opacity - in addition to the addition of mother-of-pearl and natural stone inserts - returns an unrepeatable surface, in which the uniqueness is the result of both the random and irregular combination of fragments of different dimensions, and of the manual skill with which each processing phase is carried out.

The excellent technical performance in terms of resistance to wear, environmental conditions and UV rays make Terrazzoverlay XL the perfect covering for any internal and external context, while the water-based composition and natural grit ensure an eco-friendly floor, to protect of people and the environment.
Maxi Venetian floor Terrazzoverlay XL. Color Duna, Verona and Nero Ebano marble. Private villa, Moltrasio (CO) 02
Maxi Venetian floor Terrazzoverlay XL. Color Duna, Verona and Nero Ebano marble. Private villa, Moltrasio (CO) 03
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