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Low thickness nuvolato floor for exterior

Skyconcrete Outdoor. The “nuvolato” effect, with low thickness and continuous surface

Low thickness nuvolato floor for exterior

The Skyconcrete decorative surface is the synthesis between the elegance of the “nuvolato” effect and the versatility of the low thickness coating: only 3-4 mm. The perfect solution to reproduce the characteristic nuances and the industrial style of the nuvolato even on existing floors to be restored, giving them new life.
Skyconcrete combines a refined and absolutely customizable aesthetic, thanks to the 36 available colors, with excellent performances in terms of wear and impact resistance: for this reason, it can be chosen to renovate and make unique all the exterior places.

Playgrounds and thematic parks, swimming pools, holiday villages
Rustic effect creative cements
Paths in public and private gardens and parks
Urban spaces and parking
Rustic exteriors, country houses

The low thickness and excellent adhesion and resistance skills to high traffic, chemical and atmospheric agents, abrasion, cracking and frost, allow Skyconcrete Indoor to cover existing surfaces, renovating environments in an extremely practical and quick way, without the need to remove or demolish them - with a net saving of time and money. Skyconcrete Outdoor can be applied with excellent results on ceramic, tiles, marble, concrete, sand-cement screed, self-leveling. The absence of joints prevents the accumulation of dirt and makes the floor easy to clean. 

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  1. Preventive sanding of the concrete or tile surface;
  2. Application of two coats of Vapor Barrier with interposed net;
  3. Application of a coat of Skyprimer dusted with quartz;
  4. Application of the first coat of Skyconcrete with a trowel or squeegee;
  5. Application of the second coat of Skyconcrete with a trowel or squeegee and subsequent sanding with a monobrush;
  6. Application of the final protective.
skyconcrete outdoor light gray
Skyconcrete® Outdoor, low thickness polished effect floor with anti-slip finish. Private park
skyconcrete-esterno-bordo-piscina-antiscivolo-blue carribean
skyconcrete-outdoor-esterno contemporaneo-sabbia
skyconcrete outdoor red mountain
skyconcrete outdoor tortora
skyconcrete outdoor havana
skyconcrete outdoor dark gray
skyconcrete outdoor medium gray
skyconcrete outdoor platinum
skyconcrete outdoor tawny
skyconcrete outdoor white
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