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Light polished low-thickness flooring for interiors

Skysense. The light polished effect, low thickness and continuous surface, tone-on-tone

Light polished low-thickness flooring for interiors

The new Skysense™ Isoplam decorative surface is the perfect synthesis between the elegance of the light polished effect and the versatility of the low-thickness coating. In just 2 millimeters, this cement coating transforms the interiors of residences, offices, shops and showrooms into scenographic environments with a high aesthetic impact, thanks to the light and soft shades that soften the chromatic uniformity of the cement, to give the environment a contemporary look and convey a bright atmosphere.

Highly customizable thanks to the various finishes and the 34 colors available, the new Skysense™ by Isoplam allows you to reproduce the characteristic nuances and industrial style of Nuvolato even on large floors, but with a much lighter and more impalpable effect thanks to the absence of dark clouds. The result is a continuous surface with an innovative finish that highlights the flooring as a central design element, marrying with interiors with a minimalist character where the power of simplicity and the refinement of clean lines dominate.

Living room
Low thickness creative cement - thin concrete
Restaurant interior design
Common spaces

The low thickness allows Skysense™ to cover existing floors without the need to remove or demolish them, with a clear saving of time and costs. In fact, the coating can be applied in an extremely practical and quick way on ceramic, tiles, marble, cement, sand-cement screed or on self-levelling, giving old and worn surfaces a sophisticated material look, of great appeal and freshness.

The excellent qualities of adhesion and resistance to impact, chemical and atmospheric agents, abrasion, cracking and frost, make Skysense™ the ideal solution for covering any space, even with underfloor heating. Furthermore, the absence of joints makes the decorative surface easy to clean and the water-based composition does not release substances dangerous to people's health and the environment, in compliance with the most current regulations regarding safety and well-being.

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  1. Smoothing of the concrete, screed, self-leveling or tiled surface.
  2. Application of Skyprimer dusted with quartz.
  3. Skysense application with float or Squeegee.
  4. Application of Skysense and processing with mechanical trowel with PVC disc and white plastic palette mounted, sanding and cleaning.
  5. After curing, application of the suitable final protective.
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