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Rustic effect creative cements

Stamped concrete floors and plasters, artificial walls and rocks: a perfect synthesis of practicality, resistance and aesthetic performance, for highly customized solutions.


Perfect synthesis of practicality, resistance and aesthetic performance, Isoplam stamped concrete floors and plasters allow you to create wonderful creations in outdoor and indoor environments, simulating a wide range of textures, effects and materials: from wood to terracotta, from brick to stone, including Greek frets and very elaborate medallions. Solutions that Isoplam has been offering since 1979, relying on all its experience and knowledge of concrete and more, enhancing its surprisingly versatile soul. The decorative effects can be obtained through the use of rubber molds, rollers or stencils. Isoplam also offers a floor in washed stone and draining gravel, solutions of great effect, ecological and resistant. Whatever system you choose, the result is always extremely solid, flawless and tailor-made, designed to last over time, withstand wear, atmospheric agents, medium and high traffic.


Avenues, squares, swimming pools, amusement parks, parking lots. Every outdoor space, public or private, finds in Isoplam stamped concrete floors and walls and artificial rocks a tailor-made solution, beautiful and resistant to traffic and atmospheric agents.

Low thickness nuvolato floor for exterior

Skyconcrete Outdoor. The “nuvolato” effect, with low thickness and continuous surface

Stencil spray concrete floor
Plam Spray. Refresh concrete surfaces with a wide range of stencils and textures
Stamped concrete floor

Plam Stampable. Resistant and customizable with valuable effects

Low thickness stamped concrete floor

Plam Stampable Overlay. The beauty of stamped concrete, even more versatile

Stamped wall

Plam Stone. The stamped plaster with stone, brick, rock or wood effects

Artificial rocks

Plam Rock. Artificial rocks and scenographic effects for gardens, amusement parks and swimming pools

Exposed aggregate paving

ItalianTerrazzo®. Ecological, safe and resistant, for external surfaces

Epoxy drain floor

Plam Resin Drain. Practical, versatile and resistant, for indoors and outdoors